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The US Green Building Council has developed the LEED Green Building Rating System, a certification system that addresses the environmental performance of buildings. Delta Structures, Inc. designs provide strong environmental incentives as primary structural elements. Here are some of the reasons why space frame technology is useful:

  • Creates a small carbon footprint; Delta Structures, Inc. designs use significantly less material (~60%), are lighter weight and
    architecturally pleasing.

  • Structures are made from recycled material and are, themselves, fully recyclable. Source material is abundant and locally available eliminating the need for scarce, high cost material.

  • Significantly less energy consumption is involved in the fabrication of space frame structures. Less energy
    is required to produce the smaller material mass; structures are lighter in weight and are fabricated and
    delivered in compact unit sizes. This conserves energy involved in transporting our structures.

  • Flexibility is a feature of space fame design allowing for ease in modifying, de-commissioning, moving or
    storing the structure.

  • Our considered use of powder coat as a primary finish is environmentally responsible. Powder coating is
    VOC ( volatile organic compound ) and solvent free, leaves no hazardous waste, provides long term resistance to humidity and corrosion and creates an aesthetic, tough finish that is uniform in coverage and
    thickness, quality and durability. Ease of maintenance is assured.


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